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This page will endeavour to provide connection to support groups for adoptees.

While I am unaware of any ‘real life’ groups for adoptees, yet, please feel free to email me at postadoptioncharity at gmail dot com with details of any groups you would want listed.

Real Life Support

Free meeting space available for #adoptee support groups
@TheOpenNest @larosahotel (Whitby, YO21 3HB) by @BoormanAmanda

Pre-adoption Post-adoption Permanency Advice & Counselling (PAC)

On-line support groups

On Facebook

Adoptees Against Adoption
You know you’re adopted when…
You know you’re an adoptee when…
Adoptee Support

Adoptee Awareness
Adoptees on Adoption
Adopting-Back Our Children / Adoptees Terminating Adoptions
Adoption Sucks
Bastard Nation
I Am Adopted Too

Brighton Adult Adoptees
Midlands Adoptees
Pakistani British Adoptees
UK Adoptees

Other sites

Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change
The Me Inside
After Adoption
UK Adoptees – Adopted in the UK

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