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English Councils’ Support for Adopted Adults

For many adoptees, their initial contact when attempting to ascertain information about their own adoption may well be through their own area authority. Thus this post lists all links to local authorities ‘adoption help pages’ that I have been able to find through a basic Google web search.

Wikipedia lists 9 regions in England, which are further broken down into counties and districts. It is from the county authorities that I have strived to glean information.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is still in the process of creation as finding the information is not always ‘just’ a ‘simple’ web search. Not only is the information from each authority needed, it is first necessary to establish which area authorities exist.

List of English County Councils obtained from: http://www.politicsresources.net/area/uk/cc.htm

Page title ~ in area

Support for adopted adults ~ in Buckinghamshire
Support for adopters ~ in Cambridgeshire
Support to Adopted Adults and their Birth Families ~ in Cumbria
Adoption Support Services ~ in Derbyshire
Adult Adoption Counselling Service ~ in Devon
No obvious help found ~ in Dorset
Tracing your birth parents ~ in East Sussex
If you have been adopted ~ in Essex
Services for adopted adults who want to trace birth relatives ~ in Gloucestershire
About your Adoption ~ in Hampshire
Adoption Support ~ in Hertfordshire
Support for adults who have been adopted ~ in Kent
No obvious help found ~ in Lancashire
I’m Adopted ~ in Leicestershire
An adopted adult ~ in Lincolnshire
How to obtain birth records ~ in Norfolk
Tracing your birth family ~ in Northamptonshire
No obvious help found ~ in North Yorkshire
I am adopted ~ in Nottinghamshire
Advice for adopted adults ~ in Oxfordshire
No obvious help found ~ in Somerset
Adoption affects 1 in 5 people in Staffordshire. Are you affected by adoption and living in Staffordshire? ~ in Staffordshire
Supporting people affected by adoption ~ in Suffolk
Information and support for adults who were adopted ~ in Surrey
Support for adopted people ~ in Warwickshire
Adoption support ~ in West Sussex
Adoption Support ~ in Worcestershire

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