Moving along

Not very quickly, I admit. Much of that has been to do with the hassles I’ve been having in dealing with the whole being adopted part, still. Last night, Bestest-Wifey asked me how far PAC had come on since its inception, and I had to own up to having let things slide whilst trying to fight my own battles as well as the battle to get the adoptee voice heard.

Having suddenly discovered Twitter – correction, not discovered ’cause I’ve had an account for ages, but suddenly started using Twitter last week (after discovering it gave me pretty much direct access to the UK’s “Adoption Czar” <vom> @martinnarey), I did my usual going through and nabbing my usual blog/page names, and since Bestest-Wifey reminded me of this charity (not that I’d really forgotten it, just haven’t really had time/energy to deal with it), I got to work on creating the PAC Twitter account. In order not to annoy too many people by random spammings with this new account, instead of pimping PAC outwardly, I instead decided to kinda reverse-engineer my spamming, and so went through and added ten ton of accounts that used or posted with the words #adoption, #adoptee, or #adopted in their whatever-it-is-Twit-searches. Hence currently, PAC Twit is now following almost 1000 accounts.

Which kinda leads us to where we are now…

In one of the accounts, my eye caught a link that I decided to follow, which led me to the APRC (Adoption Policy And Reform Collaborative) site (that I’m guessing is also pretty much in its infancy, although far surpassing this (currently) miserly effort of a site) via Adoption Echoes A Perfect Storm post. It was at this point that I gave up waiting to make a stand-alone web-site for PAC, and instead decided to migrate this-a-way over to WordPress. Opened up, logged in, clicked “Create a New Blog”, typed in postadoptioncharity for the new name, and was subtly reminded by WP that a blog of that name already existed. Yup, it’s been that long since I started trying to throw this charity together that I actually forgot that I’d already created a WP blog for it. Thus, today is HOPEFULLY heralding in a new era in which PAC actually begins to move forward as a serious concern, and can hopefully start making some money to help fund me and all the other adoptees who need the psychological help that’s (at least currently) unavailable on the NHS, despite it being the Government, the Law Makers, and their Social Services that did this to us in the first place.

Even if PAC doesn’t make a single penny though, it’s less important than fighting to get adoptees’ voices heard, and to get funding somehow so that adoptees can actually get in to see specialist adoption therapists who actually understand all the inverse realities that being adopted can convey upon a life.