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Laying the foundations

The trenches have been dug, and now the foundations can start being poured.

I have an appointment on Wednesday at the bank with the business advisor so that I can open an account for PostAdoption Charity.

I have a Trustee, and I have someone willing to be Patron.

I have a CafePress store with at least two designs stocked.

I hold both http://postadoptioncharity.org.uk/ and http://postadoptioncharity.co.uk/ domains (both of which need re-directing to here).

I have the @PostAdoption Twitter account.

I need to work out a business plan, I think.

I also need to work out what criteria people are going to have to fit into in order to be able to obtain the funding that I’m hoping to raise so that people can get the help I’m hoping to be able to give.

Being entirely new at this, I’m not really sure what else I need to get going effectively, so all pointers appreciated. Until then, I’ll be found browsing through pages like How to write a business plan and Recipe for success: Business plans while trying to work out how to build this into viable concern.

Oh, and I have also asked Daughter to create a logo for me, however she’s not convinced that she will be able to pull it off. She needs to stop doubting herself so much. </Pot meeting Kettle> ;)

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