So begins the long and arduous task…

So begins the long and arduous task of attempting to create a charitable organisation designed – at least initially – in an attempt to help raise funds in order to assist adoptees to obtain the oh-so horrendously expensive psychological/mental health/however you wanna describe it help that so many adoptees have demonstrated needing.

Of course, if it does take of properly (no promises yet, hence why I’m not asking for money yet), then it’s possible to widen the scope of ‘help’, but for now, it’s definitely the psychological stuff I’m aiming at.

This blog will – hopefully – chart the challenges I (and the organisation) face in becoming a recognised charity, potentially along with links and comments and reactions to a variety of adoption-related literature and Internet discussions, questions, and debates.

I do not intend this blog to become a personal blog concerning my own adoption issues, however it’s absolutely certain that my own adoption issues will colour the reactions and comments made.