[Reblog] Labelling

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The Life Of Von

please tell meMost of us go through life being labelled many, many times. For adoptees there are additional labels – bastard, illegitimate, ungrateful, needy, evil, speaker of vile words and so on. Those who frequent the blogosphere, facebook etc will be more than familiar with them and with the insults and ridicule which regularly come our way when we speak out about the truth of adoption for adoptees or express a view about some aspect of our lives. For instance as someone who accepted the South Australian Apology for forced adoption, not just for myself, but for my deceased mother, since no-one else was entitled to do so, I have been the target of sustained criticism and insult, all from parents or fellow adoptees. I have been labelled as having a psychiatric disorder for my beliefs and for expressing them honestly and openly. I have received instructions on how I should conduct…

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